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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Design and NMR Studies of peptides contatining unnatural amino acids and studies directed towards the total synthesis of immunosuppressive peptide Thalassospiramide ASamit Kumar, Dutta
2013Stereoselective total synthesis of bio-active naturally occuring lactones and saturated fatty acids along with development of useful synthetic methodologies.Digambar Balaji Shinde
2013synthesis and Bio-evaliiation of praziquantel and its derivatives studies directed towards the synthesis of (+) casurine and study of photoinduced electron transfer reactions.Partha Sarathi Sadhu
2013Studies towards the total synthesis of natural products: (+)-Pseudohygroline, Herbarumine III and Myriaporone-4 and Development of New Synthetic methodologies.Narasimhulu Gadhmsetty
2013Tandem mass spectometric studies on peptides and ureidopeptdes derived from natural amino acids and biologically important compounds.Differentiation of Isomers.Ramesh Marupaka
2013Studies on the synthesis of Pyrroloquinolinone Based novel building blocks. Evaluation of their antitumor activity and total synthesis of Iuotonins.Gaikwad Hanmant Krishna
2013Total synthesis of polyhacitide A Polyhacitide B (+)-Goniothalesdiol 2,5-epi-Goniothalesdiol of and formal total synthesis of FR 252921Nageswara Rao chapala
2013Total synthesis of aculeatin A & B,6-subsititutes alpha-pyrone and development of novel synthetic methodologiesDandekar Chandrakanth
2013Development and validation of new analytical methods for antihypertensive anticancer drugs and few new moleculesSatyanarayanaraju Sagi
2014Development of Synthesis Strategies to Furans, Pyrroles and Alkaloid Molecules, (-)-Longanlactones & ( + or -)-EpibatidineDamoder Reddy.M