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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005In vitro gene transfer efficacies of N,N-dialkylpyrrolidinium chlorides: A structure-activity investigationBharatKumar, M; PriyaPrakash, K; Reddy, B.S; Chaudhuri, A
2005Example of fatty acid-loaded lipoplex in enhancing in vitro gene transfer efficacies of cationic amphiphileBharatKumar, M; PriyaPrakash, K; Madhavendra, S.S; Chaudhuri, A
2005Molecular dynamic heterogeneity of confined lipid films by 1H magnetization-exchange nuclear magnetic resonanceBuda, A; Demco, D.E; Jagadeesh, B; Blumich, B
2005Friedel–Crafts acylation of aromatics and heteroaromatics by beta zeoliteKantam, M.L; Ranganath, K.V.S; Sateesh, M; ShivaKumar, K.B; Choudary, B.M
2006High-yielding microwave assisted synthesis of quinoline and dihydroquinoline derivatives under solvent-free conditionsBose, D.S; KishoreKumar, R
2005An efficient asymmetric synthesis of (S)-atenolol: using hydrolytic kinetic resolutionBose, D.S; Narsaiah, A.V
2004Short range kairomones and oviposition stimulants from the host Achaea janta (L) infested castor plants to Trichogramma chilonis and Trichogramma achaeaUshaRani, P; Narayana, M.L; InduKumari, S
2005Microwave-assisted combustion synthesis of nanocrystalline MgAl2O4 spinel powderGanesh, I; Johnson, R; Rao, G.V.N; Mahajan, Y.R; Madhavendra, S.S; Reddy, B.M
2005Mass spectral of chloropicrin under negative ion chemical ionization conditionsMurty, M.R.V.S; Prabhakar, S; Lakshmi, V.V.S; Saradhi, U.V.R.V; Reddy, T.J; Vairamani, M
2005Strategy for technology development in public R & D institutes by partnering with industryMohan, S.R; RamakrishnaRao, A