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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Heterofunctionalization of Di-and Tri-substituted Olefins Medated by pendant sulfoxide: Application to the synthesis of (+)- Lentiginosine, (4s,5r,6s,17s)-Aspicitin, 2-c-methyl-D-erythritol 4-phosphate and C7-C11 fragment of fostriecinSreekanth, Thogiti
2008Assymetric baylis-hillman reaction, chiral auxillaries, Double asymmetric induction and chiral catalysts, synthesis of deverse biologically active skeletons: Dihydroinodolizine dericatives, chiral benzimidazolyl and benzoxazolyl ethanolsRachna, Sachwani
2008Development of New Synthetic Methodologies Based on Baylis-Hillman Chemistry along with Investigation on Novel Natural Anticancer AgentsAnjoy, Majhi
2008Design and synthesis of structural motifs for self-assembly to rationalize transport properties and construction of novel materialsRajesh, Y.B.R.D
2008Synthesis of natural and unnatural beta-lactone molecules: Their stereochemical studies towards antitumor activityMarkondaiah, Bekkam
2008Studies towards the synthesis of fumagilling & ovalicin and development of new synthetic methodologies.Sreedhar, Pamu
2008Prioritization of malaria endemic zones in Arunachal Pradesh through Information Technology toolsNeelima, Arora
2008Phytochemical and synthetic studies on some bioactive plant phenolsHaribabu, Tatipaka
1948Studies on the chain transfer in catalyzed polymerization & copolymerizationZaidi, Hyder Raza
2008Novel pyrrolo {2,1-c} {21,4} benzodiazepine beta-glucoside prodrugs fro selective therapy of cancer and conformationally restricted PBD dimers as DNA binding anticancer agents.Venkatesh, Tekumalla