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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Bismuth(III) Chloride Catalyzed Efficient and Selective Cleavage of Trityl Ethers [1]Sabitha, G; Reddy, E.V; Swapna, R; Reddy, N.M; Yadav, J.S
2005Iodotrimethylsilane-Accelerated One-Pot Synthesis of 5-Unsubstituted 3,4-Dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-ones: A Novel Procedure for the Biginelli-Like Cyclocondensation Reaction at Room TemperatureSabitha, G; Reddy, K.B; Srinivas, R; Yadav, J.S
2005Chelation-controlled reduction : an enantioselective synthesis of (-)-tarchonanthuslactoneSabitha, G; Sudhakar, K; Reddy, N.M; RajKumar, M; Yadav, J.S
2006A facile nucleophilic displacement of Baylis-Hillman acetates with ammonium thiocyanateSrihari, P; Singh, A.P; Jain, R; Yadav, J.S
2003Microwave thermolysis: Part III: A rapid and convenient coupling of 2-naphthols in solvent-free condition (Abstract Only)Meshram, H.M; Reddy, G.S; Reddy, M.M; Eeshwaraiah, B; Yadav, J.S
2003Vanadium(III) chloride catalyzed Biginelli condensation: solution phase library generation of dihydropyrimidin-(2H)-onesSabitha, G; Reddy, G.S.K.K; Reddy, K.B; Yadav, J.S
2003LiClO4-Catalysed c-alkylation of pyrrole and indoles with aziridines and epoxides (Abstract Only)Yadav, J.S; Reddy, B.V.S; Parimala, G
2003Green Protocol for the O–H Insertion of α-Diazoketones with Alcohols and Water Using Ionic Liquid [Bmim]BF4Yadav, J.S; Reddy, B.V.S; Srinivas, M
2005Synthetic studies toward pondaplin: total synthesis of pondaplin analoguesSabitha, G; Swapna, R; SatheeshBabu, R; Yadav, J.S
2005Microwave thermolysis: Part IX – A rapid reduction of sulphoxides with NaH2PO2 in dry mediaMeshram, H.M; Ganesh, Y.S.S; RameshBabu, K; Eeshwaraiah, B; Yadav, J.S