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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Anaerobic biohydrogen production from dairy wastewater treatment in sequencing batch reactor (AnSBR) : Effect of organic loading rateMohan, S.V; LalitBabu, V; Sarma, P.N
2007Enhancing biohydrogen production from chemical wastewater treatment in anaerobic sequencing batch biofilm reactor (AnSBBR) by bioaugmenting with selectively enriched kanamycin resistant anaerobic mixed consortiaMohan, S.V; MohanaKrishna, G; Raghavulu, S.V; Sarma, P.N
2008Fermentative hydrogen production with simultaneous wastewater treatment : influence of pretreatment and system operating conditionsMohan, S.V
2008Bio-electrochemical evaluation of fermentative hydrogen production process with the function of feeding pHMohan, S.V; LalitBabu, V; Srikanth, S; Sarma, P.N
2008Influence of anodic biofilm growth on bioelectricity production in single chambered mediatorless microbial fuel cell using mixed anaerobic consortiaMohan, S.V; Raghavulu, S.V; Sarma, P.N
2008Effect of substrate loading rate of chemical wastewater on fermentative biohydrogen production in biofilm configured sequencing batch reactorBhaskar, Y.V; Mohan, S.V; Sarma, P.N
2008Bioelectricity production from wastewater treatment in dual chambered microbial fuel cell (MFC) using selectively enriched mixed microflora: EVect of catholyteMohan, S.V; Saravanan, R; Raghavulu, S.V; MohanaKrishna, G; Sarma, P.N
2008Integration of acidogenic and methanogenic processes for simultaneous production of biohydrogen and methane from wastewater treatmentMohan, S.V; MohanaKrishna, G; Sarma, P.N
1998Biosorption of chromium VI by free and immobilized Rhizopus arrhizusPrakasham, R.S; Merrin, J.S; Sheela, R; Saswathi, N; RamaKrishna, S.V
2008Self-immobilization of acidogenic mixed consortia on mesoporous material (SBA-15) and activated carbon to enhance fermentative hydrogen productionMohan, S.V; MohanaKrishna, G; Reddy, S.S; Raju, B.D; RamaRao, K.S; Sarma, P.N