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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005A mild and efficient method for the chemoselective deprotection of acetonides with lanthanum(III) nitrate hexahydrateReddy, S.M; Reddy, Y.V; Venkateswarlu, Y
2005New potent cytotoxic lamellarin alkaloids from Indian ascidian Didemnum obscurumReddy, S.M; Srinivasulu, M; SatyaNarayana, N; Kondapi, A.K; Venkateswarlu, Y
2006Catalytic asymmetric dihydroxylation of olefins using polysulfone-based novel microencapsulated osmium tetroxideReddy, S.M; Srinivasulu, M; Reddy, Y.V; Narasimhulu, M; Venkateswarlu, Y
2002Biotransformations, antibacterial evaluations of the sesquiterpenoids and diterpenoidsRamaRao, M; Venkatesham, U; Sridevi, K.V; Reddy, P.S; Jamil, K; Venkateswarlu, Y
2002An unusual novel triterpenoid ether, multiflor-7-en-12,13-ether and a new multiflor-7-en-12α-ol from Wattakaka volubilisReddy, V.L.N; Ravikanth, V; Reddy, A.V; PrabhakarRao, T; Venkateswarlu, Y
2002Seco-Sethukarailin, a Novel Diterpenoid from the Soft Coral Sinularia dissectaReddy, N.S; Goud, T.V; Venkateswarlu, Y
2002An Efficient Method for the Synthesis of 2,3-Unsaturated Glycopyranosides Catalyzed by Bismuth Trichloride in Ferrier RearrangementSwamy, N.R; Venkateswarlu, Y
2002A mild and efficient method for chemoselective deprotection of acetonides by bismuth(III) trichlorideSwamy, N.R; Venkateswarlu, Y
2001Fern-9(11)-en-6-ol-methanol (1/1)Bhattacharyya, K; Kar, T; Bocelli, G; Righi, L; Venkateswarlu, Y; Reddy, V.L.N
2001A novel Ceramide from the Indian marine sponge Fasciospongia cavernosaRamesh, P; Ravikanth, V; Reddy, V.L.N; Goud, T.V; Venkateswarlu, Y