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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Design and Evolution of Copper Apatite Catalysts for N-Arylation of Heterocycles with Chloro- and FluoroarenesChoudary, B.M; Sridhar, Ch; Kantam, M.L; Venkanna, G.T; Sreedhar, B
2005Degradation profiles of polyester-urethane (hydroxylated polyester/diphenylmethane diisocyanate) and polyester- melamine (hydroxylated polyester/hexamethoxymethylmelamine) coatings : An accelerated weathering studyNarayan, R; Chattopadhyay, D.K; Sreedhar, B; Raju, K.V.S.N; Mallikarjuna, N.N
2005Layered Double Hydroxide Supported Gold Catalyst for Three-Component Aldehyde/Amine/Alkyne CouplingKantam, M.L; Prakash, B.V; Reddy, Ch.R.V; Sreedhar, B
2005Synthesis, characterization and gas sensing property of hydroxyapatite ceramicMahabole, M.P; Aiyer, R.C; RamaKrishna, C.V; Sreedhar, B; Khairnar, R.S
2006An efficient base-free N-Arylation of imidazoles and amines with arylboronic acids using copper-exchanged fluorapatiteKantam, M.L; Gopaldasu, T.V; Sridhar, Ch; Sreedhar, B; Choudary, B.M
2005Bismuth triflate and microencapsulated bismuth triflate: Efficient catalysts for methoxymethylation of alcohols and carboxylic acidsSreedhar, B; Swapna, V; Sridhar, Ch
2005Degradation profiles of polyester-urethane (HP-MDI) and polyester-melamine (HP-HMMM) coatings: A thermal studyNarayan, R; Chattopadhyay, D.K; Sreedhar, B; Raju, K.V.S.N; Mallikarjuna, N.N; Aminabhavi, T.M
2005Preparation of α-diazo-β-hydroxy esters using KOtBu in water and PEGSreedhar, B; BalaSubrahmanyam, V; Sridhar, Ch; Prasad, M.N
2005Preparation and characterization of lithium fluorophosphate glasses doped with MoO3Sreedhar, B; SaiRam, M; Chattopadhyay, D.K; Kojima, K
2005Facile and efficient method for the prins reactions of styrenes and homoallyl alcohols to 1,3-dioxanes and 4-tetrahydropyranols using bismuth(III) triflateSreedhar, B; Swapna, V; Sridhar, Ch; Saileela, D; Sunitha, A