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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Friedel–Crafts acylation of aromatics and heteroaromatics by beta zeoliteKantam, M.L; Ranganath, K.V.S; Sateesh, M; ShivaKumar, K.B; Choudary, B.M
2005Design and Evolution of Copper Apatite Catalysts for N-Arylation of Heterocycles with Chloro- and FluoroarenesChoudary, B.M; Sridhar, Ch; Kantam, M.L; Venkanna, G.T; Sreedhar, B
2005An Efficient Synthesis of Chalcones by a Solid Base CatalystKantam, M.L; Prakash, B.V; Reddy, Ch.V
2005Beta zeolite: an efficient and eco-friendly catalyst for the nitration of o-xylene with high regio selectivity in liquid phaseKantam, M.L; Choudary, B.M; Kumar, N.S; Ramprasad, K.V
2005Layered Double Hydroxide Supported Gold Catalyst for Three-Component Aldehyde/Amine/Alkyne CouplingKantam, M.L; Prakash, B.V; Reddy, Ch.R.V; Sreedhar, B
2005Asymmetric oxidation of sulfides by LDH supported OsO4 catalystKantam, M.L; Prakash, B.V; Bharathi, B; Reddy, Ch.V
2005Nanocrystalline ZnO an Efficient Heterogeneous Catalyst for the Synthesis of 5-Substituted 1H tetrazolesKantam, M.L; ShivaKumar, K.B; Sridhar, Ch
2006Cu(acac)2 immobilized in ionic liquids : A reusable catalytic system for the insertion of α-diazo compounds into N-H bonds of aminesKantam, M.L; Neelima, B; Reddy, Ch.V
2006An efficient base-free N-Arylation of imidazoles and amines with arylboronic acids using copper-exchanged fluorapatiteKantam, M.L; Gopaldasu, T.V; Sridhar, Ch; Sreedhar, B; Choudary, B.M
2007Sulphated zirconia catalyzed acylation of phenols, alcohols and amines under solvent free conditionsJeevaRatnam, K; Reddy, R.S; Sekhar, N.S; Kantam, M.L; Figueras, F