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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Direct one-pot synthesis of β-hydroxysulfides from terminal olefins in a mixture of [bmim] [BF4] and water in presence of molecular oxygenKamal, A; Reddy, D.R; Rajendar
2007Synthesis, DNA binding, and cytotoxicity studies of pyrrolo [2,1 -c][1,4 ]benzodiazepine -anthraquinone conjugatesKamal, A; Ramu, R; Venkatesh, T; Khanna, G.B.R; Madan, S.B; Juvekar, A.S; Surekha, M.Z
2007Sulfamic acid as an efficient and recyclable catalyst for the ring opening of epoxides with amines and anilines: An easy synthesis of β-amino alcohols under solvent-free conditionsKamal, A; Prasad, B.R; Reddy, A.M; Naseer, M; Khan, A
2002Mild and efficient chemoselective protection of aldehydes as dithioacetals employing N-bromosuccinimideKamal, A; Chouhan, G
2002Scandium triflate as a recyclable catalyst for chemoselective thioacetalizationKamal, A; Chouhan, G
2002Recent Developments in the Design, Synthesis and Structure-Activity Relationship Studies of Pyrrolo[2,1-c][1,4]benzodiazepines as DNA Interactive Antitumour AntibioticsKamal, A; Rao, M.V; Laxman, N; Ramesh, G; Reddy, G.S.K
2002Chemoenzymatic synthesis2 of both enantiomers of fluoxetine, tomoxetine and nisoxetine: lipase-catalyzed resolution of 3-aryl-3-hydroxypropanenitrilesKamal, A; Khanna, G.B.R; Ramu, R
2002Mild and efficient reduction of azides to amines: synthesis of fused [2,1-b]quinazolinonesKamal, A; Ramana, K.V; HariBabu, A; Ramana, A.V
2002Design and Synthesis of C-8 Linked Pyrrolobenzodiazepine–Naphthalimide Hybrids as Anti-Tumour AgentsKamal, A; Reddy, B.S.N; Reddy, G.S.K; Ramesh, G
2002Efficient solid-phase synthesis of DNA-interactive pyrrolo[2,1-c][1,4]benzodiazepine antitumour antibioticsKamal, A; Reddy, G.S.K; Reddy, K.L; Raghavan, S