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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Friedel–Crafts acylation of aromatics and heteroaromatics by beta zeoliteKantam, M.L; Ranganath, K.V.S; Sateesh, M; ShivaKumar, K.B; Choudary, B.M
2005Design and Evolution of Copper Apatite Catalysts for N-Arylation of Heterocycles with Chloro- and FluoroarenesChoudary, B.M; Sridhar, Ch; Kantam, M.L; Venkanna, G.T; Sreedhar, B
2005Beta zeolite: an efficient and eco-friendly catalyst for the nitration of o-xylene with high regio selectivity in liquid phaseKantam, M.L; Choudary, B.M; Kumar, N.S; Ramprasad, K.V
2006An efficient base-free N-Arylation of imidazoles and amines with arylboronic acids using copper-exchanged fluorapatiteKantam, M.L; Gopaldasu, T.V; Sridhar, Ch; Sreedhar, B; Choudary, B.M
2003A trifunctional catalyst for one-pot synthesis of chiral diols via Heck coupling-N-oxidation-asymmetric dihydroxylation: Application for the synthesis of diltiazem and Taxol side chainChoudary, B.M; Chowdari, N.S; Sateesh, M; Kantam, M.L
2003Clarification for the Comments on Our Article “Cyclopropanation of Olefins Using a Silica Gel Anchored Palladium Phosphine Complex” Catal. Lett, 83, 187, 2002 by Jose M. Fraile, Jose I. Garcia, and Jose A. Mayoral, “Cyclopropanation of Olefins with Heterogeneous Catalysts” Catal. Lett, 88, 31, 2003Kantam, M.L; Haritha, Y; Reddy, N.M; Choudary, B.M; Figueras, F
1980Palladium induced substitution & hydrogenation of conjugated olefins & oxidation & epimerisation of steroid alcoholsChoudary, B.M
2002Tungstate-exchanged Mg-Al-LDH catalyst: an eco-compatible route for the oxidation of sulfides in aqueous mediumChoudary, B.M; Bharathi, B; Reddy, Ch.V; Kantam, M.L
2002Highly efficient allylation of aldehydes and three component synthesis of homoallylamines using bismuth triflate catalyst (Abstract Only)Choudary, B.M; Chidara, S; Sekhar, Ch.V.R
2002MCM-41 anchored cinchona alkaloid for catalytic asymmetric dihydroxylation of olefins: a clean protocol for chiral diols using molecular oxygenChoudary, B.M; Chowdari, N.S; Jyothi, K; Kantam, M.L