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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993An alternate method for detection and determination of linolenic acid in vegetable and heat abused oils by 13C NMR SpectroscopyHusain, S; Kifayatullah, M; Sastry, G.S.R; Raju, N.P
1987Carbon -13 NMR spectroscopic determination of fatty acid composition of a few edible oilsHusain, S; Sastry, G.S.R; Kifayatullah, M; Sarma, G.V.R; NageswaraRao, R
2003Chemical characteristics of rainwater at an urban site of south-central IndiaKulshrestha, U.C; Kulshrestha, M.J; Sekar, R; Sastry, G.S.R; Vairamani, M
2004Determination of alcohol in petrol-alcohol mixturesSastry, G.S.R; Prasad, P.R; Bhuvaneswari, K
1972Diels-Alder Adducts From Safflower Fatty Acids: III. Acrylic And Related Acid DienophilesSastry, G.S.R; Murthy, B.G.K; Aggarwal, J.S
1971Diels-Alder Adducts From Safflower Oil Farty Acids: l. Maleic Anhydride as DienophileSastry, G.S.R; Murthy, B.G.K; Aggarwal, J.S
1975The effect of additives on isomerization during hydrogenation with nickel catalystSastry, G.S.R; Raju, D.S; Paulose, M.M; Subbaram, M.R
1993Evaluation of coconut and hydrogenated soyabean soil as stationary phases for GLCHusain, S; Sarma, P.N; Sastry, G.S.R; Swamy, G.Y.S.K; Raju, N.P
2002Heterogeneous potassium permanganate oxidation of methyl isoricinoleate with catalytic amount of waterPrasadaRaju, N; Ahmed, S.M; Sastry, G.S.R; Husain, S
2002HPTLC Method for the Determination of Sanguinarine in Argemone and in Argemone-Adulterated Edible OilsSitaDevi, K; Sastry, G.S.R
2006Identification and Determination of Bio-Diesel in DieselSastry, G.S.R; Murthy, A.S.R.K; Prasad, P.R; Bhuvaneswari, K; Ravi, P.V
1971Isomerised Safflower Oil: 2Vandana, M; Sastry, G.S.R; Murthy, B.G.K; Aggarwal, J.S
1991Molecular Weight Averages as Criteria for Quality Assessment of Heated Oils and FatsHusain, S; Sastry, G.S.R; PrasadaRaju, N
1971Nomographs for the Rapid Determination of Saponification Values and Iodine ValuesSastry, G.S.R; Madhusudhan, V
1969Organophosphorus-modified Alkyd Resin Media for PaintsSastry, G.S.R; Aggarwal, J.S
1993Quantitative determination of castor oil in edible and heat-abused oils by13C nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopyHusain, S; Kifayatullah, M; Sastry, G.S.R; Raju, N.P
2003Spectrophotometric Determination of Kerosene in Ground WatersPrasad, P.R; Bhuvaneswari, K; Sastry, G.S.R
2003Studies on the characterization and utilization of solid waste from a battery manufacturing industryPrasad, P.R; Sastry, G.S.R; Sarma, P.N