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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Air Separation by Polymer-based Membrane TechnologyMURALI, R. SURYA; SANKARSHANA, T; SRIDHAR, S
2014Design of novel ultrafiltration systems based on robust polyphenylsulfone hollow fiber membranes for treatment of contaminated surface waterPRANEETH, K; BHARGAVA, SURESH K; TARDIO, JAMES; SRIDHAR, S
2013Development of an electrodialysis–distillation integrated process for separation of hazardous sodium azide to recover valuable DMSO solvent from pharmaceutical effluentRAVIKUMAR, Y.V.L; SRIDHAR, S; SATYANARAYANA, S.V
2014Economical treatment of reverse osmosis reject of textile industry effluent by electrodialysis–evaporation integrated processPRANEETH, K; MANJUNATH, D; SURESH, K BHARGAVA; TARDIO, JAMES; SRIDHAR, S
2013Extraction of Tetrahydrofuran and Ethylene Dichloride Solvents from Aqueous Solutions by Pervaporation through Thin Film Composite PDMS MembranesMANJUNATH, D; MADHUMALA, M; KALYANI, S; PRASAD, R; SRIDHAR, S
2012Fluorinated Polymer Membranes for Separation of Industrial Gas MixturesMURALI, R. SURYA; SANKARSHANA, T; SRIDHAR, S; KHARITONOV, A.P
2014Fuel Cells: The New Promise on the Horizon for Pollution-free Power GenerationHARSHA NAGAR; KALYANI, S; SUMANA, C; SRIDHAR, S
2014Membrane Bioreactor and Reverse Osmosis combined hybrid process for treatment of domestic wastewaterPRANEETH, K; AAKRUTHI VYSHNAVI, B; SURESH, K. BHARGAVA; SRIDHAR, S
2014Membrane Technology in Chemical Process Industries: Enhanced Economy, Process Safety and Environmentally BenignSRIDHAR, S; KALYANI, S; MADHUMALA, M
2014Membrane Technology in India: A PerspectiveSRIDHAR, S
2014Membrane-based Gas Separation: Principle, Applications and Future PotentialSRIDHAR, S; BEE, SHARIFAH; SURESH, K. BHARGAVA
2014Mixed matrix membranes of Pebax-1657 loaded with 4A zeolite for gaseous separationsMURALI, R. SURYA; ISMAIL, A.F; RAHMAN, M.A; SRIDHAR, S
2013Nanofiltration of bulk drug industrial effluent using indigenously developed functionalized polyamide membraneSWAMY, B. VENKATA; MADHUMALA, M; PRAKASHAM, R.S; SRIDHAR, S
2014Nanosilica and H-Mordenite incorporated Poly (ether-block-amide)-1657 membranes for gaseous separationsMURALI, R. SURYA; KUMAR, K. PRAVEEN; ISMAIL, A.F; SRIDHAR, S
2014Performance assessment and hydrodynamic analysis of a submerged membrane bioreactor for treating dairy industrial effluentPRANEETH, K; SIDDHARTHA, MOULIK; PAVANI, VADTHYA; SURESH, K. BHARGAVA; TARDIO, JAMES; SRIDHAR, S
2011Pervaporation Separation of IPA-Water Mixtures Through 4A Zeolite-Filled Sodium Alginate MembranesSUDHAKAR, H; PRASAD, C. VENKATA; SUNITHA, K; RAO, K. CHOWDOJI; SUBHA, M. C. S; SRIDHAR, S
2012Phosphorylated chitosan membranes for the separation of ethanol-water mixtures by pervaporationSUNITHA, K; SATYANARAYANA, S. V; SRIDHAR, S
2011Recovery of Hydrazine and Glycerol from Aqueous Solutions by Membrane Separation TechniquesSUNITHA, K; NIKHITHA, P; SATYANARAYANA, SV; SRIDHAR, S
2014Recovery of hydrochloric acid and glycerol from aqueous solutions in chloralkali and chemical process industries by membrane distillation techniqueMADHUMALA, M; MADHAVI, D; SANKARSHANA, T; SRIDHAR, S