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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Aerobic oxidation of common effluent treatment plant wastewaters and sludge characterization studies (Abstract Only)SumanRaj, D.S; Chary, N.S; HimaBindu, V; Reddy, M.R.P; Anjaneyulu, Y
2002Application of Garcinia Cambogia a Plant Biomass For Chromium Removal And Speciation Studies (Abstract Only)ChandraSekhar, K; Chary, N.S; Kamala, C.T; Supriya, K.R; RameshwarRao, T
2008Assessing risk of heavy metals from consuming food grown on sewage irrigated soils and food chain transferChary, N.S; Kamala, C.T; Raj, D.S.S
2005Decolourization of Industrial Effluents – Available Methods and Emerging Technologies – A ReviewAnjaneyulu, Y; Chary, N.S; Raj, D.S.S
2002Determination of total arsenic concentration in clinical samples for epidemiological studies using ICP-MSChandraSekhar, K; Chary, N.S; Kamala, C.T; Anupama, M; Reddy, M.R.P
2003Determination of trace metals in sea water by ICP-MS after matrix separationChandraSekhar, K; Chary, N.S; Tirumala, C.K; Aparna, V
2005Environmental Pathway and Risk Assessment Studies of the Musi River’s Heavy Metal Contamination—A Case StudyChandraSekhar; Chary, N.S; Kamala, C.T; Shaner; Frank, H
2006Environmental Risk Assessment Studies of Heavy Metal Contamination in the Industrial Area of Kattedan, India—A Case StudyChandraSekhar, K; Chary, N.S; Kamala, C.T; Vairamani, M; Anjaneyulu, Y; Balaram, V; Sorlie, J.E
2004Fractionation studies and bioaccumulation of sediment-bound heavy metals in Kolleru lake by edible fishChandraSekhar, K; Chary, N.S; Kamala, C.T; SumanRaj, D.S; SreenivasaRao, A
2005Potential of Hemidesmus indicus for phytoextraction of lead from industrially contaminated soilsChandraSekhar, K; Kamala, C.T; Chary, N.S; Balaram, V; Garcia, G
2005Removal of arsenic(III) from aqueous solutions using fresh and immobilized plant biomassKamala, C.T; Chu, K.H; Chary, N.S; Pandey, P.K; Ramesh, S.L; Sastry, A.R.K; ChandraSekhar, K
2003Removal of heavy metals using a plant biomass with reference to environmental controlChandraSekhar, K; Kamala, C.T; Chary, N.S; Anjaneyulu, Y
2004Removal of lead from aqueous solutions using an immobilized biomaterial derived from a plant biomassChandraSekhar, K; Kamala, C.T; Chary, N.S; Sastry, A.R.K; NageswaraRao, T; Vairamani, M
2003Risk assessment and pathway study of arsenic in industrially contaminated sites of Hyderabad: a case studyChandraSekhar, K; Chary, N.S; Kamala, C.T; VenkateswaraRao, J; Balaram, V; Anjaneyulu, Y
2003Role of Certified Referece Materials in Chemical Speciation StudiesChandraSekhar, K; Kamala, C.T; Chary, N.S; Supriya, K.R; Anupama, M
2009Simultaneous quantitative determination of Sudan dyes using liquid chromatography–atmospheric pressure photoionization–tandem mass spectrometryMurty, M.R.V.S; Chary, N.S; Prabhakar, S; Raju, N.P; Vairamani, M
2004Utilization of plant metal interactions for environmental management: from a general disbelief to universal acceptanceChandraSekhar, K; Chary, N.S; Kamala, C.T; Anjaneyulu, Y